Terms and Conditions

I’m a simple guy who just wants to help people with their projects with a minimum of hassle. I like to think of myself as flexible and understanding. If there’s a problem, I’ll work with you to find common ground and get past it. I believe that a handshake should be all that is necessary for an agreement between parties. Unfortunately, experience has proven me wrong repeatedly.  If the “rubber meets the road”, as they say, these are the things you are agreeing to by hiring me.


  • The client is under no obligation to Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC until such time as the client approves the estimate, in part or in whole, via text, email, verbally or by any other means of communication.  Upon approval, the client agrees to be obligated to the project and provide payment for said project in accordance with the final invoice provided, including any extra costs incurred due to change orders or unforeseen complexity of the project.
  • Cancellation by the client at any time after the client’s approval without rescheduling (or rescheduling in bad faith with no intent of completing the project in a timely manner, or at all
  • )  will result in a penalty fee of 100% of the labor charges from the approved estimate and 100% of purchased materials costs from the approved estimate.  $100 is the minimum charge.
  • NSF fees for any returned checks is equal to the penalties applied by the financial institutions involved plus a $45 administrative fee.
  • Payment is due in full immediately upon substantial completion of the project.  With a lack of payment in full from the client, the client agrees to forfeiture of any partial payments made and grants Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC full and unmitigated access to the project area and its surroundings by any means necessary and also agrees to allow Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC to remove the project, its elements, and any ancillary or associated items in any manner Fix n’ Do  Handyman Services LLC deems suitable and leave the area in “as is” condition.
  • Client agrees they are the owner or authorized agent of the property in question and agrees to take all responsibility and liability for any misrepresentation of their alleged ownership or authority.
  • Client agrees to provide access to the project area in question at the appointment time agreed to along with access to water, power, and restroom services at a minimum along with any necessary special requests or needs noted in the estimate unless otherwise agreed to with Fix n Do Handyman Services LLC in writing and in advance.
  • If Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC is idled at any time during working hours (7a – 5p) for any reason other than its own doing, the client agrees to a rate of $75 per hour per person (minimum of 1 hour) on-site for the duration of the idle period. This rate is independent of and in addition to any fees and costs associated with the project.
  • Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC takes no responsibility for your children, elderly house guests, or pets.  Please secure them away from the project area.
  • The client agrees to have the project area ready for Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC upon arrival.  Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC takes no responsibility for any items (furniture, housewares, clothing…etc.) that need to be moved upon arrival for the project to continue.  Fix n’ Do also reserves the right to charge a fee that is reasonable and commensurate with the effort and time needed to perform the aforementioned tasks.
  • Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC will make every effort to complete the project with as little disruption as possible, but will not take responsibility for minor scuffs, scrapes, landscaping damage…etc. that may happen during the normal course of work.
  • Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC will leave the area in ‘broom swept’ clean condition at a minimum upon completing the project.
  • Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC reserves the right to cancel any project at any time for any reason with a full and complete refund of any down payment or fees paid to the client minus any costs for purchased and/or non-returnable materials designated for the project in question
  • Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC estimates are officially valid for 30 days from the day they are sent to the client.  After 30 days, Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC reserves the right to modify the estimate as it sees fit.
  • Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC is not obligated to honor any typographical errors or mistakes in any estimate, publication, advertisement, marketing campaign…etc.
  • Fix n’ Do Handyman Services or its authorized agent is the sole and exclusive arbiter of any arbitrary, ambiguous, or subjective terms set forth in any of Fix n’ Do’s policies, contracts, estimates, invoices, or other documentation, public or private.  Specifically, this includes, but is not limited to: When a project is ‘substantially completed’, When Fix n’ Do has been ‘idled’, what is considered ‘reasonable’ and within ‘shouting distance’, and when a client is to be considered in default for ‘non-payment’.
  • Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC reserves the right to modify any estimate provided ‘sight unseen’ upon in-person evaluation, prior to work commencing.
  • Fix n’ Do Handyman Services LLC retains full and complete decision-making authority over all elements of the project unless otherwise noted in writing (email, text, estimate, or invoice).  This includes but is not limited to: Order of project completion, time frame for project completion, work hours and/or work days/dates, personnel, materials used, style and/or design of project and/or its elements, tools to be used, methodology, logistics…etc.

Current Status:

As of September 8, 2023, Fix n’ Do is available for estimates and projects immediately.

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Chris inserted dry wall and mounted our brand new 65 inch television last week. We were completely satisfied with his work and will definitely be calling him for more projects! He was professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and fair with his price. We would recommend Chris to anyone looking for superb handyman services!
Michael D. -5/30/2017
As a first time home owner, it's awesome to have someone help with all kinds of things. Chris has been great getting things done, as well as providing advice. From painting to changing light bulbs to plumbing and electrical. Working with Chris and his team has been a pleasure and I look forward to working with him in the future!
Heather D. -9/10/2017
After getting estimates from larger construction firms, Chris provided a very reasonable quote; both in terms of cost & time to complete. He was very professional and made very quick work of our project. He also provided some excellent recommendations for where to get granite & glass products. All-in-all a great value & experience.
Dino B. -9/24/2017
Chris completed a number of longstanding repair needs. We are already creating a new list for him. He was courteous, knowledgeable, prompt, reliable, and reasonable. I have already shared his contact information with my neighbors and family.
Jean F. -4/18/2018
Chris installed an over-the-range microwave and ceiling fan for me, and I was very pleased with the service I received. He almost immediately responded to my initial email, came to my house the next day to give me a quote, and had the project finished by the end of the week. His prices were reasonable and he did a great job. I'll definitely call him again for future projects!
Kristin S. -8/1/2015
Chris helped me replace two outdoor light fixtures and fix my storm door. He completed the work fast and even took the time to answer my questions on another upcoming project. Great communication through email and confirming his ETA on the day of work.
Debbie C. -3/31/2016
We had a major remodel of our master bath, and Chris handled it from start to finish. He made the big project go so smoothly, from the initial estimate and scheduling, to staying on track with the timeframe, excellent communication every step of the way, and making sure we were totally satisfied with each aspect of the project. I am amazed at the variety of skills Chris has- framing, drywall, plumbing, electrical, tiling. Each step was handled expertly and with attention to detail. We'd previously had him do a simple faucet repair, and then tile a kitchen backsplash, and both of those projects were also completed with a high level of professionalism, which led us to him for the bigger master bath project. So glad we did! Any project, big or small, Chris will be our go-to guy.
Deb P. -4/11/2016
Chris was responsive to my initial inquires and provided a reasonable price quote. He arrived on time and was very professional. He worked quickly and flawlessly. We will be calling him again.
Mike C. -8/13/2017
We've had a relationship with Chris for about 3 years and he is our first call for anything we need around the house. He is quick, reliable, and completely fair in his dealings with us. He stops by to brainstorm projects with us and provides multiple options depending on our questions. He has done everything from major sewer line repair to painting to hanging pictures in an awkward spot. There seems to be nothing this man can't do. In addition, he has worked the last two Christmas Eves as Santa by doing playroom projects while we get the kids out of the house. AMAZING.
Mary H. -12/5/2017
Needed 2 faucets installed in my master bathroom so I did a quick internet search and found Chris's business and I am very happy that I did.  I left a message via Yelp and within minutes I had a reply and the ball was rolling.  My appointment was set up, Chris arrived as scheduled, and took care of business.Very professional service, top quality work, and overall a very pleasant experience working with Chris.  I will definitely look to hire Fix n' Do for future projects and would highly recommend to anyone looking to get some work done around the house.Thank you Chris, the faucets work and look great!
David D. -4/15/2018